Maloka Spiritual Knowledge Centre
Building the Traditional Shipibo-Conibo Maloka Spiritual Knowledge Centre

The Maloka, or Ani Xobo, is a spiritual gathering centre where the traditional ancestral wisdom and culture of the Shipibo-Konibo people has been shared for thousands of years. In ancient times, the maloka came to the Shipibo through their connection and exchange of wisdom with the Inka. Now, the building of the Maloka Spiritual Knowledge Centre is to sustain, preserve and continue this legacy for the future generations of the Shipibo-Konibo nation. Also, the Maloka will welcome people across the globe to learn the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Shipibo people.

This project is vitally important at this time - Our world continues to go through many significant changes which has created serious mental, emotional and physical imbalances - a result of our disconnection with the land and the spirit. This has highlighted the need for healing and growth. By building places like the Maloka Spiritual Knowledge Centre, we can come together as a community - to support the preservation of the indigenous Shipibo-Konibo culture and to learn spiritual teachings that can guide us to return to a state of inner balance and conscious spiritual growth. This project partners with Muraya Sinatsuma, a shipibo Knowledge Keeper and Healer from the San Francisco community, Pucallpa, Peru.